Verizon: Dropped the fee

Update Happy New Year:

verizonwireless has dropped their plans for a fee, in just one day there was enough backlash that verizonwireless had no choice but to reconsider their plans for this fee. Congratulations Consumers!

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I have been a long time customer of verizonwireless and was not surprised to hear that they now want to collect $2 just for giving you the convenience of paying their bill. They continue to act like their the only service in town, they overcharge their customers and then when they don’t/can’t pay by the due date their wonderful financial department threaten with shutoff and contract fees.

We should charge verizonwireless $2 every month for being stuck in their yearly contracts and overcharged on a monthly basis.

Everyone please

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There’s no wealth just alot of RISK!

$2295.00!! This is a huge risk for the consumer to invest in Wealth Without Risk These are just over priced CD’s and books providing information already available for free on the world wide web.

Buying property tax liens and collecting interest from people who are unable to pay is not a nice game. With people loosing their homes at an alarming rate, this is the worst of the worst. Customers who have purchased the program say that they found it hard to come up with the money to buy the liens and also hard to wait for the interest return. Save your money.

Pajama Jeans are Junk!

Looks Like Denim But Feels Like PJs As Seen on TV – Only $39.95!Pajama Jeans claim to have a smooth butt lifting design and are as comfortable as pajamas, you’ll want to sleep in them. Isn’t that what your suppose to be able to do in pajamas?

Consumers have complained that they bleed and fall down after some use and certainly do not look like real jeans. So don’t get caught out an about with these awful overpriced pajama jeans down around your ankles.

Montel and Vila scam their fans with heaters!

Whether it be endorsed by Montel Williams LivingPure, or by Bob Vila EdenPure these glorified electric space heaters are expensive and will only cost you more in electricity then the oil or gas you use for heat.

Consumers have complained about the LivingPure heater being a living nightmare, and the EdenPure heater being a piece of junk!

Read the LivingPure reviews at

Read EdenPure reviews at

There are other ways to spend your hard earned money to save energy in your home. Don’t buy into something just because it’s endorsed by someone who doesn’t have to worry about their energy bills. Shame on them for trying to sell us these pure expensive heaters!

Don’t Wonder about the Wonder Hanger


Here’s another cheaply made “as seen on TV” product. Do yourself a favor and don’t wonder about the Wonder Hangers. These hangers get heavy and bend after constant use, and when you order online you will be forced into either their buy one get one free scam or their deluxe model scam where your credit card can get charged as much as $129.45 with $79.50 for just shipping & handling.

Lets see more room in my closet but my clothes all over the floor and out OVER $100.00 the choice is clear no wonder hangers here!

Paypal is no pal

This is a sore subject, Paypal places “temporary holds” on any refund received, even when the funds from that purchase/refund are being collected from the bank account of the Paypal account holder.

Why the hold? The buyer purchases something and an instant payment is sent to the seller, if the seller, like in my situation, sends an instant refund to PaypalPaypal then places the funds from that refund on hold until Paypal claims they have been received by them. Some people say they have waited as long as 4-7 days other as long as 7-14 days without explanation from Paypal.

If you think Paypal is a great way to shop online your wrong! If you purchase something and there’s an issue with that purchase, and a refund is given to Paypal, they will still charge your account and then place your own funds on hold until they decide to release them.

Here’s a Paypal Alternative:


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Bumpits leave you flat broke!


Here’s another buy one get one free infomercial scam! Order Bumpits for $19. 99 and get an extra one free just pay separate shipping of $6. 95, and then they bump up the charge to your account to $93.72. Don’t fall for the Bumpits hype because they will drain your account and leave you with nothing but big hair!