Kevin Trudeau and the Free Money Book Scam

Investigating Free Money with Misha Di Bono, is Kevin Trudeau‘s newest infomercial. I found his mock of the 20/20 Investigation very laughable, but I was impressed with how far Kevin Trudeau will go to cover up his scam.

He tells you the government wants to sue him because of the information in his books, but the reality is the Government sued and fined him millions for his scams. Kevin Trudeau Fined 38 Million

Misha Di Bono does not investigate anything and uncovers nothing, the infomercial shows his face continually and advertises the book and all its pricey but claimed free inserts. Don’t fall for it this was no 20/20 investigation and Kevin is still considered a liar and a scam artist.


6 thoughts on “Kevin Trudeau and the Free Money Book Scam

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  3. I was in the hospital when I was diagnosed with a medical illness that would prevent me from ever working. I saw his commercial and, like a fool, ordered the book from Kevin. I was still in the hospital when the book arrived. I read it and did everything he said to do in the book and found out that he was nothing but a scam artist. He should be prosecuted and all his money giving back to all his victims.

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