Popoff’s Spring Water Ripoff

Peter Popoff Ministries

Early in the morning as I’m flicking though the channels I turn to BET (Black Entertainment Television), which is airing the Peter Popoff Ministries Infomercial. After watching some of this infomercial I found myself praying to god that Popoff would just popoff my TV. but after it was over I couldn’t believe it, and I couldn’t go back to sleep after seeing it. This guy is scamming BET viewers of their money through his so-called “Free Miracle Spring Water” & “Supernatural Debt Relief” scam.

Peter Popoff was outed in the 80’s as a fraud and subsequently filed for bankruptcy. Obviously BET is the only channel willing to accept Popoff’s dirty money now and run his fraudulent spiritual debt relief scam infomercial.

God does not make supernatural money deposits in bank accounts, he’s not going to put you in a brand vehicle, nor does he provide debt consolidation. It’s clear that the only one making withdrawals form bank accounts and rising out of debt in this scam is Peter Popoff!

Don’t be fooled by Peter and his wife, they are not healing anyone but themselves! Just watch those infomercials closely, Liz is lip reading from Q cards when the other people are talking and shes feeding Popoff information! Their not even hiding their scam, and BET should be ashamed.

Peter Popoff – Wikipedia    World of Wackjobs

9 thoughts on “Popoff’s Spring Water Ripoff

  1. Why are these money hunger people allow to scam people out of there money. truly believe
    they will burn forever in Hell.These false lyers are wolf s in sleep clothes.

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  3. A co-worker signed me up for the miracle spring water. I received it in the mail, when I read where Peter got the water I knew it was a scam, he claims he got the water from the miracle spring in Chersimply when he was walking through, first of all that place is extremely radioactive because of a nuclear power plant meltdown in the 80’s. My late uncle was part of a special team who capped that disaster, there no spring there in fact there will be nothing there for about 10,000 years because of the high amount of radioactive material in the ground and air

  4. i believe that we as saints need to seek the lord for our self an stop depending on men. seek ye first the kingdom of god an all these thing will be added. i dont know if rev. popoff is real but i know a god that is able to any thing but fail. i believe this year is my year my wife is expecting need a addition on to the house a bigger car. im looking im seeking him an i believe the lord jesus is going to move on my behave. thank you jesus .

    • AMEN accepting GOD ourselves and not relying on others! GOD has granted me and my family the miracles of my continued life now 3 times-after doctors called in my family to say good-bye that i wouldn’t live to go home! even after a complete left pneumonectomy (removal of my lung) due to cancer! That was in 2004 and when I DID go home doctors said I only had 5yrs– its been 12 YEARS-I’m still here still kickin and helpin raise my grandkids! It’s not up to ANYONE other than The LORD IF YOU HAVE FAITH!

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