AES the Student Loan Shark

AES (American Education Services) misleads students and parents, with their Student Loan repayment options. They stick parents with their dependents student loan by way of the Parent Plus Loan. AES makes claims of in school deferments, but after 6 months they start billing the parent, that’s when the parent finds out that they have to be the one in school for an in school deferment, or they have to start paying the loan back, which makes no sense even to the U.S. Department of Education.

The representatives are rude, nasty and refuse to help or assist the borrower. Their fees and interest rates are outrageous, they are known for harassing family members and co-signers, as well as taking borrowers tax refunds, and placing income executions for 15% of the borrowers weekly salary on their employers, without the proper 30 day notice to execute to borrower, and for almost double the original loan amount.

AES will try to force you into signing an electronic debit form for automatic payments, just like the payday loan scammers, whatever you do don’t give them that kind of information or access to your bank account. If you’ve been harassed by these evil loan sharks, using the US Federal Government backing to collect money, don’t be bullied, write the CEO Andres Gluski and threaten to file suit in US Federal Court to get that income execution extinguished, or that tax refund returned. Never apply or co-sign for a private education loan.

Student Loan Forgiveness Act 2012

The AES Corporation

Pro Se US Court Information

Sign the student loan forgiveness petition here:

HealthMaster has no fans


HealthMaster Only four easy payments of $49.99 plus processing and handling, HealthMaster claims it comes with a  manufacturer’s 60 day money back guarantee, and that the motor has a lifetime warranty.

Consumers, wait I mean Montel Williams fans have complained about the cheap blender working for only two months, just long enough to pass the 60 day guarantee, then calls to customer service are impossible and Montel Williams can’t be reached.

Contact HealthMaster Customer Care Here

Leroy Jenkins the False Prophet

Leroy Jenkins: Here’s another false prophet who’s all about profit, that comes to you in sheep’s clothing, and looks more like a lounge singer.

Leroy was convicted in 1979 for conspiracy, 1994 for grand theft, he was fined in 2003 for selling contaminated water, then he married a 77 year woman with dementia who won an 8.9 million dollar lottery, 2 weeks after the death of her husband, and then started to withdraw thousands of dollars from her winnings, she was later granted an anullment that was sought by her guardians.

Leroy Jenkins makes claims that he doesn’t use tricks like other false profits, yet it all sounds quite similar to me. He has openly admitted that “everyone knows that he doesn’t read or pray over all those letters”, and “that all the photos and personal information in those letters are shredded right after their received”, the only thing this guy wants or keeps is the money!

Leroy’s free “miracle water” for anointing can cost up to as much as a $100, and don’t forget to stop by Leroy’s store to spend more: Clearly he is a con just like Peter Popff Miracle Spring Water and Dr. Todd Coontz Sow Your Seed Miracle! Don’t be fooled by these, traveling evangelist, you can pray for a miracle by yourself for free and have a better chance of receiving one than giving your money to these clowns.

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National Grids Late Payment Greed

National Grid Collections department is harassing paying customers who’s bills are late with daily automated calls asking for personal information, without any explanation of who the caller is or what they are looking for.

The wonderful collections department at National Grid are rude and ask debt collection type questions, then say they can harass and annoy you with their automated calls until they get their payment! They are worse then the scammers trying to scam you into paying for a debt.

If you restrict their calls, they just send you what they call a continuing shutoff notice for the past due bill, and after you pay the past due bill upon receipt of their shutoff notice and before the shutoff date, a few days later another continuing shutoff notice arrives with the same shutoff date but now for your current bill which is not even due yet, all because you won’t let them call you for payment, and the Public Service Commission says: National Grid is doing nothing wrong. Well ain’t that a big surprise!

Us consumers have paid for the remodel of the entire building located in Syracuse, with all brand new offices, just so they could outsource all their jobs. This company is all about profit! Between National Grid‘s outrageous delivery fees and their questionable billing practices, the Public Disservice Commission should be ashamed that it has allowed this monopoly to continue to harass and over charge their utility customers.

New York Power to Choose

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