Trendy Top? Not!

The only thing trendy about the Trendy Top is the buy one get one free scam only doubled! If you order from their website or automated phone system they try to up sell you other offers, and you won’t get a purchase total until the credit card information has been entered. Once you notice the outrageous shipping and other unauthorized charges, it’s impossible to contact customer service to cancel the order.

These rags could wind up costing you over $100.00, I suggest you don’t even think about covering up your crack with this crap!

Order status:

Trendy Top™
P.O. Box 3179
Wallingford, CT 06494
Phone: 866-518-2290

9 thoughts on “Trendy Top? Not!

  1. Yep. we just got hit by this one. You get a block indicating how many of each size you want. I selected 4 of the one size and like you say your total isn’t shown till your order is processed. At that time you realize you should have enter a ONE instead of a four, because now it placed an order for 4 sets, with shipping over $63. the phone number is simply a voice recognition order service with no way to talk to anyone to cancel or adjust the order. .
    We immediately removed all $ from that account and notified the back to stop payment.

  2. Update – On the day this occurred we were able to have our bank INSTANTLY cancel the card that this was purchased on. This will cost us NOTHING! ( they cant put stop payments orders on debit car purchases.) Two days later I got an email saying there was a problem with the transaction and to call them right away. Of course we didn’t. . today We got a robo call from trendy tops – it seems there was a problem with the transaction and they were sorry, and they were offering a 15% discount if we would only call then TODAY. NOT HAPPENING. It will be curious how many calls we will get on this before it stops………….. hmmmmmmm

  3. Yes, I also ordered last night (sat) & I actually did right & only ordered 1 set + my double order, THEN I also ordered the extra colors of pink,navy blue,ivory & some other color but got to check out & they had only charged me for the 2 +2 free. BAD PART– Said couldnt find my zip code & sent it to NASHVILLE ,NC……………..I’m in NASHVILLE,TN!! STILL NOT THE WORST PART, I GO BACK ONLINE TO TRY & FIND SOME WAY TO CHANGE IT & THERE WAS MY INFO AGAIN, STILL THERE SO I BE DAMNED IF IT DIDNT CHARGE ME AGAIN, THIS TIME TO NASHVILLE,TN BUT WRONG ZIP. I NOW HAVE 2 ORDER #’S & ITS OF COURSE SUNDAY SO IM HIGHLY PISSED RIGHT NOW FOR BEING DOUBLED CHARGED & DIDNT EVEN GET THE EXTRA COLORS I WANTED!!! SCREW THIS COMPANY!!

  4. Go to customer put in your info after about 10 hours and cancel your order that’s what I did and it worked.

  5. I wish I had seen this website BEFORE placing my order. The exact same thing happened to me. I ordered 4 tops, no style snaps. As soon as my credit card info was entered, the order was processed for 16 tops plus style snaps, without any opportunity to review the order before it was placed. Instead of being billed a $26 purchase, my card was charged $103 ($40, plus $63 postage & handling!) For 24 hours the customer service rep said my order wasn’t “in the system” yet. Then suddenly, 24 hours after the order was processed, I was told: it was “too late, your order has been shipped”. The rep refused to let me speak with a supervisor. I later discover that the order was not shipped til 4 days later. So they LIED! Stay away from this fraudulent operation.

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