The Truth About The Property Tax Oiling Fee

As if us New Yorkers don’t already pay the highest property taxes around, which have gone up as much as $100 or more since Mayor Stephanie Miner took office, some home owners are burdened paying an additional fee for oiling every five years of $100 or more. If the home is located on city owned property that has no curb, the homeowners are charged every five years for an oiling fee, and guess who gets to make the decision of who has curbs and who doesn’t, the City, and if the City decides to put curbs in, the whole street must agree, and guess who gets to pay for it, the homeowners!

The City of Syracuse will tell you its because of the dirt produced from their no-curbed part of property that your home is located on, but many have just a little patch that couldn’t produce dirt if it tried. It is the Department of Public Works (DPW) trucks and heavy equipment that are tearing up the roads and dirt, and causing damage to home owners sewer pipes and vents, and the City of Syracuse refuses to respond, this is Mayor Stephanie Miner‘s ignore it and it will go away plan.

I think this fee is unfair and the city uses it to accumulate bigger tax payments from our escrow accounts, so much for the the property tax cap!

8 thoughts on “The Truth About The Property Tax Oiling Fee

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  2. This is a terrible way to treat property owners. My lawn has been damaged by the DPW when they gather leaves and such, but to charge taxpayers an extra fee because they don’t have curbs is just ridiculous. The street down from us has curbs and so do many others, but ours doesn’t, and I don’t believe they will be getting them either.

    The city is taking advantage any way that it can. I am tired of it, and if I could move, I would. The cost of living in Syracuse is getting more expensive by the day. And to add to the misery, we have to pay flood insurance to the tune of $700 a year for an area that had a basin built for that purpose, if there is flooding. The chance of flooding is less than 1% a year, but we are forced to have flood insurance because of the flood zone. I could see if I lived near water, but I do not.

    We have also had a judgment filed against us for about $5,000 because our house was peeling paint. No it did not look the greatest, but my husband and I did not have spare funds to hire professionals to have it painted. We had professionals paint it last, and because of the shoddy work that they had done, all of my house started peeling down to the wood. So, I have been in and out of court for about 2 years, doing as much as we can.
    They should go after the people whose property is damaged, falling apart (porches falling off the structure, etc), or is a hazard because of broken windows, doors, and such.

    We moved into the city because the area (at the time) was nice. It has gone downhill, and unless you enjoy hearing loud cars, radios, motor bikes, shootings, etc, the city is becoming a horrible place to live. I have neighbors that constantly throw garbage in both my front and back yards. Absent landlords don’t respond when you contact them, and the tenant(s) in the property don’t care.

    • You can contact the Mayor’s office or even the Governor on their websites to protest that bill. I would try calling and complaining to the Tax Department first though.

    • I know how you feel about that extra charge added to your property tax bill. The City says usually every five years, but you know they make their own rules.

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