Sam’s Club Plus Scam


SamsClub is scamming long time members out of more higher Membership fees by way of the Plus Membership. The cashier tries to up sell the higher price Plus Membership at the checkout, when the members regular Membership is about to expire for $12 dollars, then when the member goes to renew the total is $100, and they leave no option to remove this Plus Membership from your account without going to customer service.

Why is this Membership being forced on members at renewal time, we should have the option to choose what kind of Membership we interested in, and SamsClub should be ashamed.

It’s bad enough we really don’t get a full year out of our $40 memberships, now their forcing higher priced Memberships on us at checkout and renewal time. There are no fans of this SamsClub scam. If were not getting benefits with a $40 Membership, what are we getting, and why are we wasting are money. Do the math, and then do yourself a favor and shop at your local Walmart Super Center, no fees or up sell just savings.

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1 thought on “Sam’s Club Plus Scam

  1. Sams Club is a Rip Off! They charge you to be a member and they charge more for the same exact item that can be purchased at Walmart without a membership fee.


    60″ VIZIO Razor LED 1080p 120 Hz Smart HDTV Model E601i-A3 Sams Club $978.00

    60″ VIZIO Razor LED 1080p 120 Hz Smart HFTV Model E601i-A3 Walmart $898.00

    $80 less than Sams Club

    When the issue is brought to their attention here is their lame answer:

    Thank you for contacting Sam’s Club regarding pricing. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this issue
    may have caused you. Unfortunately, we do not price match against Walmart or

    If you need further assistance regarding other issues, please use our Answer Center located on
    the bottom right-hand side of the webpage. Just click on Help Center.



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