Consumers vent about Prosvent make claims that they have the natural prostate care solution in this infomercial. “GUARANTEED to give you RELIEF in less than 30 days, with no side effects, fewer trips to the rest room, sleep through the night again, sit through a full movie and Enjoy better sex”.

Consumers have complained about it not working in 30 days and being tricked into paying for a 60 day supply because they receive an extra bottle in shipment and told to take it for 60 days to see results. This infomercial promises a 100% satisfaction or a full refund, but consumers have complained about not being able to get through to customer service and when they do they are given excuses of a 30 day time frame for refunds, made to pay for the 60 day supply, and then received future shipments and charges due to their auto ship scam. tells the consumer to try it for 60 days even though the site and infomercial claims you should see results in your so called free 30 day supply, just to hide the fact that you have signed up for auto purchases every month, and you will be charged for that extra 30 day supply bottle a whopping $79.85, and then the next months auto ship bottle for another $79.85 is on it’s way. Never sign up for monthly purchases, once you do it’s hard to cancel, then they place unauthorized charges on your credit card, rip you off with their defective products and provided poor customer service. Always review before you purchase.

Prosvent Customer Service

VZ upgrade it’s not just a $30 fee.

Verizon Wireless is cheating their long time customers with the free phone two year contract upgrade.

First there’s the $30 upgrade fee, for what we don’t know, then if you have an unlimited data plan, say bye bye, now you have the pricey $30 2GB plan, and if there was any discount on that data plan that’s gone too. Next when they bill you they pull that discount partial month double charge this month billing, which doesn’t make any sense especially when customers have said that their plan didn’t change, they only upgraded the phone on the same plan so what happen to their bill.

If doesn’t end there, there’s charges on your next bill because after the data plan switch that they pull, they are now billing for previous month data again claiming overage because of the unlimited plan refund! Then there’s the SMS premium text messages and downloads, that their charging a whopping $9.00 to $15.00 a piece for, really? Some customers have also complained about charges for international text messages and roaming, while only being in the US.

When you contest the bill, sometimes you might get a pleasant customer service representative, but most of the time especially when your late on your payment, they can be rude nasty and unhelpful. Clearly the only way to get anything resolved with this company is to be demanding and stand your ground, email the corporate CEO and tell him Verizon Wireless isn’t the only game in town and were sick of being ripped off by our cell phone carrier.

Verizon Corporate Office Headquarters:
140 West Street
New York, NY 10007
Corporate Phone Number: 1-212-395-1000
Corporate Fax Number: 1-212-571-1897
Corporate CEO Email:
Corporate Stock Symbol: VZ

Verizon Wireless Executives

The Wisdom Prophet

The Wisdom Center and Dr. Mike Murdock are scamming people out of money with the well known “Sow your Seed” scam. With promises of a debt free households, Dr. Mike Murdock suggests you give him $1,000 for his obedience seed but don’t expect any miracles he say’s because things take time.

No wonder these scam artists call themselves the The Wisdom Center, because they have the wisdom to scam in the name of God. This organization uses people’s faith to steal from them, Dr. Mike Murdock tells them they need to give to the Lord the one thing they have that Dr. Mike Murdock wants, their money, if they ever expect a blessing or freedom from debt in their life.

In the infomercial Dr Murdock even comes up with the number of donations, I mean seeds he expects to sow, 1,189 seeds a commercial at $1,000 dollars a piece. You do the math, that’s a lot of profit in the pulpit for doing nothing!

Mike Murdock False Profit!

The Sleep Number Slumber

The Sleep Number bed by Select Comfort, when it first arrives seams like a great purchase, but after awhile you and your significant other will have to keep adjusting your sleep number. Soon you will be slumbered to the middle of the bed, and your expensive Sleep Number becomes a $3000 hammock.

Sleep Number Customer Service

The memory foam topper looses air and you will have to place maybe even more than one topper in the middle of your new hammock to even it out, so you don’t roll into each other. Eventually there will be no sheets to fit this over-sized topper, and the more you sleep the more the slouch. Always review before you buy!

Sleep Number Reviews

Another box, I think not!

If you thought you didn’t need a digital box because you had cable, think again.

Time Warner Cable is now forcing customers to have a separate digital set-top box for each analog television starting October 10, 2012. If you want to watch certain channels like LifeTime Movie Network, CMT, C-SPAN, EWTN, Golf Channel, OWN and TruTV, you will now be required to have a digital adapter or CableCARD for your analog televisions. Time Warner claims they are providing a better quality channel and picture, if that’s true why are they leaving their customers who already pay way to much for cable and are receiving less and less programming, no choice but to pay for a digital adapter or loose these channels they pay for!

Time Warner Cable claims you can get one of these adapters free until December 2013, what they don’t tell you is that free adapter you get today is the same one they are going to start charging you for come December 2013 at .99 cents a month. That’s why even though they suggest you order your free adapter online, when you try the site says not offered for your account. That’s because Time Warner Cable needs you to call and request their so called free digital adapter because it’s not considered free equipment, and they are going to start billing your account for it next year.

They are looking to charge their long time customers more money in surprise fees by claiming this adapter is free! Might be time for us to make a change to our digital TV, email the CEO and tell him no more fees!

Glenn A. Britt
Chairman, President and CEO
Time Warner Cable
60 Columbus Circle
New York, NY 10023

NYS Unemployment, don’t plan on it.

Being unemployed in New York State is the worst. The Department of Labor will constantly refer you to their website through their automated phone system, to find answers and status of your claim, but their website doesn’t tell you anything other than benefits paid or pending, there is no information about why you’re not receiving benefits or why your claim is pending..

The reps are rude and treat you like you don’t want to work, they insult your intelligence and ability to find employment, make threats to not pay your benefits, and if they think you are employable they will critique your resume to their liking, then make you continue to come back just to show them a piece of paper that shows you are applying to jobs, they call this the program. Meanwhile your wasting time you could be spending looking for a job.

The Department of Labor says if they request paperwork and you don’t supply it, that will hold up your benefits, but in reality they hold up your benefits even without sending out requests for the paperwork, benefits are held as long as the paperwork is pending, and it could be as long as a month without benefits by the time you figure out why, send out the paperwork, then wait for them to receive it and scan it.

Military veterans coming home to New York State beware, the Department of Labor will tell you you are all set, and then sit back and hold up your benefits without notice, until the veteran makes calls and tries to find out why they are still not receiving benefits. Are you kidding me this is how New York State treats it’s unemployed veterans who have served our country, they should be ashamed!.

It’s bad enough to be unemployed in New York State, but to have to fight for benefits, when it takes four working days for an employed person to scan a document into a file is just outrageous. Thanks for nothing Albany!

Contact the NYS Governor

Complaints and Reviews

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Colony Brands the Choose and Charge Scam

If you have ever shopped through one of these Choose and Charge Catalog companies associated with Swiss Colony, now known as Colony Brands, and have a Choose and Charge account, consumer beware. There is no longer just a small finance charge for your purchases, they are now charging outrageous interest rates and the information is not provided in their monthly billing statement, they have also started charging $19 late fee‘s just like real credit cards. They provide no information on previous purchases or fee’s charged to your account on their statements, unless you the consumer request it. All in violation of the Consumer Protection Act

ScreenHunter_16 Sep. 03 09.41

Long time customer accounts have gone over their normal minimum payment, even when they made purchases based on the sample information provided above, their minimum payment was still bound to increase even though they spent less then the “Stays the same” amount, so don’t buy it. They just want to suck you into making that purchase with their misinformation about your account leading you to believe your minimum payment will stay the same even if you make that purchase, but with all their new fee’s and unknown interest rates that’s not possible, shame on this company.

Even long time customers that have threatened not to shop with them anymore have received nothing but negative responses from their awful customer service representatives. Glad to know they care about the customers they are scamming!

Beware of these sites they are all related to Colony Brands:

Colony Brands is not BBB Accredited

Swiss Colony @ Pissed Consumer