Another box, I think not!

If you thought you didn’t need a digital box because you had cable, think again.

Time Warner Cable is now forcing customers to have a separate digital set-top box for each analog television starting October 10, 2012. If you want to watch certain channels like LifeTime Movie Network, CMT, C-SPAN, EWTN, Golf Channel, OWN and TruTV, you will now be required to have a digital adapter or CableCARD for your analog televisions. Time Warner claims they are providing a better quality channel and picture, if that’s true why are they leaving their customers who already pay way to much for cable and are receiving less and less programming, no choice but to pay for a digital adapter or loose these channels they pay for!

Time Warner Cable claims you can get one of these adapters free until December 2013, what they don’t tell you is that free adapter you get today is the same one they are going to start charging you for come December 2013 at .99 cents a month. That’s why even though they suggest you order your free adapter online, when you try the site says not offered for your account. That’s because Time Warner Cable needs you to call and request their so called free digital adapter because it’s not considered free equipment, and they are going to start billing your account for it next year.

They are looking to charge their long time customers more money in surprise fees by claiming this adapter is free! Might be time for us to make a change to our digital TV, email the CEO and tell him no more fees!

Glenn A. Britt
Chairman, President and CEO
Time Warner Cable
60 Columbus Circle
New York, NY 10023

6 thoughts on “Another box, I think not!

  1. I am so upset at Time Warner I love watching Lifetime Movie Network and the country channel it sucks now because you people take it away from us who have analog why change everything to digital you people just want people to pay more money for the digital Please bring back Lifetime Movie Network and the Country Channel ack Please.

  2. I can’t even get a digital adapter to work because it requires a stronger signal than analog and we have a marginal signal strength in my area. So if you have more than one tv and need to split, forget it with these digital adapters. I’m going from 5 tvs to one because of this. I’m loosing service but still paying the same high price. And twc is the only provider of Internet and tv in my area. A monopoly. So… I continue to pay the high price while loosing all my tvs except the first one connected to the line. Twc won’t run more lines either. BS.

  3. Digital cable is not a choice but an FCC mandate to repurpose that part of the wireless spectrum, if you checked your mail before it went into effect you received or could request a voucher for upto 2 free analog to digital converters. I don’t work for twc, and every provider is doing this, sorry but as much as your site gets right, this you got dead wrong.

    • This blog is not in reference to the FCC mandate, cable customers did not require a box to receive their local and cable channels in digital. TWC decided to start requiring an analog adapter to receive just a couple of cable channels that were accessible long after the digital FCC mandate. If I can receive my local channels in digital without this so called analog adapter, there is no reason I can’t receive all my cable channels without an analog adapter, or another cable box. TWC is looking to apply more and more equipment fees on top their already over priced cable TV. Therefore there is nothing dead wrong about this.

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