Tommie Copper another Montel endorsement.

Tommie Copper claims that their compression wear will ease your everyday aches and pains. Many have claimed no change or that the pain only got worse, few reviews say that the Tommie Copper actually provided some improvement.

Most complaints were about excessive shipping fee’s and long waits for order arrival. Considering Tommie Copper is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau, I would stay away from this company and anything Montel Williams endorses.

4 thoughts on “Tommie Copper another Montel endorsement.

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  2. Tommie copper….come on people. Everything this goon endorses is a waste of money. Kinda like ALL the crap tv’s dr. oz says to buy. I’d need a whole other house to store all the vitamins, powders, green tea pills, minerals, this, that, on and on. Everyday its 10 new things to go purchase. TV promotions are scams. Period. And Montal has the track record to prove it. Stay away.

  3. the real scam round here is the Better Business Bureau. its like paying protection money to the mob. if you don’t pay them $500 a year they give you a bad ratingthey literally threaten you

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