eharmony will auto renew for you

If you think your going to find your perfect match, or any hot babes at eharmony, think again. Many relationship seekers have complained about signing up for the service, and instantly turning off the auto renew feature, and then being surprised when their account auto renewed anyway when their service expired.

When the subscriber contacts eharmony, they are told eharmony cannot refund the auto renew charge, even if it’s only been several days since the charge was processed through the subscribers bank account. If the subscriber complains enough, eharmony may offer to decrease the service time and provide a small refund, but If they can refund partial why not all?

eharmony is looking to get something for nothing, and that is considered fraudulent practices. They purposely make it hard for their subscribers to cancel their subscriptions, and to take their accounts off auto-renew. eharmony provides no payment notifications, in the hopes that the charges will be overlooked, and if they aren’t, by the time of contact can just tell it’s subscriber it’s to late “No Refunds“.

Instead of finding a relationship, the only thing these subscribers found was an empty bank account. Even‘s free communication weekend is false. Why would you want to communicate with someone over the internet, when you can’t even view their entire profile, because nothing is really free at eharmony!

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4 thoughts on “eharmony will auto renew for you

  1. even I stopped to go online eharmony and cancled all my photoes and profiles, they still deducted my debit acount for another $197.70(6monthes),before expired date. and without any notification from them. that is not what i want to do,and nooooooooo refunding. if any is one going to report this to consumer commision au, then I would like to be your member.

    • I signed up for a six month trial, and clearly remembered that I unsubscribed the service before it’s expired. But a year later, I accidently found that they’re still charging me for a whole year. I called them and asking for a refund, they say I never unsubscribed it, (of course they say it, because they never send out any confirmation emails about the subscription nor any notifications of the payments they receive every month). After some arguing, the representative decided to refund me for only one month 😦 I’ll never use their service again!

  2. I had the same problem.. So updated my eharmony profile to let other customers know about the auto renewal policy. I got several massages from other customers stating that their bank accounts have been re-charged the same way and they couldn’t get back the money. Also, few thank you messages for heads up. Eharmony closed my account less than 24 hours after that. They were so frightened of their “Trms and Conditions” about auto renewal policy get disclosed!

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