TSA at FAY do Inappropriate Touching!

Watch out at FAY, TSA will scan you and get a hit on NOTHING in your private area, and then give you the choice of being groped in public, or groped behind a screen. They will leave your belongings sitting out for everyone and anyone to touch and see, except you!

I have travelled through many different larger airports, and TSA Security has never been an issue for me. I know the drill and what to do, but nothing could have prepared me for what TSA did to me at FAY on a return First Class Card Member Holder American Airlines flight, home from a Christmas vacation.

Having no trouble getting through TSA Security wearing almost the exact same outfit when leaving Hancock International Airport as I had on when entering this SMALL North Carolina airport, I did not know what was about to happen. TSA said the scanner hit on my neck and groin, and told me I had no choice but to either be groped in public or groped behind a curtain. All the travelling I have done, I had no idea what they were about to do to me.

TSA refused to let me collect my expensive items on the conveyor belt! I had a Prada purse with cash and credit cards in it, an Ipad, Ugg boots, and an onboard bag full of Christmas gifts. I did not look or act like someone who was concealing anything in my crotch and ass. I was wearing leggings and a tight sweatshirt, my clothes were form-fitting, and you could clearly see I was not packing explosives!

When I insisted I wasn’t leaving my expensive items on the conveyor belt unattended by me, one of the agents did finally collect them. I asked several times why they expected me to leave, my valuable things anywhere, where I could not see them.

TSA then proceeded to violate me, they touched my private parts including rubbing up and down my ass, my legs, my arms, and my crotch, never even checking my neck where they also claimed the scanner hit on. Then they tested my hands for explosives with this card they had, without any explanation as to what they were doing to me, I had to ask.

I have never been treated like this at any Airport EVER! There was no way I was concealing anything and didn’t even get an apology when they found NOTHING but my body parts. Matter of fact I was so upset I let TSA know that this was ridiculous, and the only thing on my ass was my ass which made this pat-down totally uncalled for. They had no sympathy and just asked me to spread my legs further.

If someone on the street or in Walmart had violated me like TSA did, they would be arrested for sexual assault. Apparently, the scanning of passengers is not accurate at this Airport. Maybe they should get some hand scanners and stop molesting American Airlines passengers at FAY Airport, as the only thing I had on me was my clothes and expensive items that were scanned without any issues.

When I complained to TSA, they sent me an email from a  no-reply-to email address saying this type of pat-down is a routine procedure. When I complained to the Airport Director Bradley Whited, he responded: “Since the TSA is a Federal Agency, the Airport Management can not influence TSA procedures”. When I complained to American Airlines, they replied from a  no-reply-to email address also saying pretty much the same thing. So basically, TSA can do whatever they want to you at the FAY Airport without any consequences.