HealthMaster has no fans


HealthMaster Only four easy payments of $49.99 plus processing and handling, HealthMaster claims it comes with a  manufacturer’s 60 day money back guarantee, and that the motor has a lifetime warranty.

Consumers, wait I mean Montel Williams fans have complained about the cheap blender working for only two months, just long enough to pass the 60 day guarantee, then calls to customer service are impossible and Montel Williams can’t be reached.

Contact HealthMaster Customer Care Here

The MagicBullet is a dud!

When you buy the Magic Bullet, the only magical thing that happens is poof your money disappears. Knock offs have been sold in stores for as low as $19.00 but the Magic Bullet can cost as much as $160.00 or more with their buy one get one free scam.

I love how the old women comes in smoking and they all act like they are on some kind of Magic Bullet retreat, well I’m glad I wasn’t invited and forced to purchase this over priced blender. Consumers have posted many complaints that this product either stops working or needs expensive parts after minimal use. Beware.