Colony Brands the Choose and Charge Scam

If you have ever shopped through one of these Choose and Charge Catalog companies associated with Swiss Colony, now known as Colony Brands, and have a Choose and Charge account, consumer beware. There is no longer just a small finance charge for your purchases, they are now charging outrageous interest rates and the information is not provided in their monthly billing statement, they have also started charging $19 late fee‘s just like real credit cards. They provide no information on previous purchases or fee’s charged to your account on their statements, unless you the consumer request it. All in violation of the Consumer Protection Act

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Long time customer accounts have gone over their normal minimum payment, even when they made purchases based on the sample information provided above, their minimum payment was still bound to increase even though they spent less then the “Stays the same” amount, so don’t buy it. They just want to suck you into making that purchase with their misinformation about your account leading you to believe your minimum payment will stay the same even if you make that purchase, but with all their new fee’s and unknown interest rates that’s not possible, shame on this company.

Even long time customers that have threatened not to shop with them anymore have received nothing but negative responses from their awful customer service representatives. Glad to know they care about the customers they are scamming!

Beware of these sites they are all related to Colony Brands:

Colony Brands is not BBB Accredited

Swiss Colony @ Pissed Consumer