PosTVac it ain’t all that.

Well up late one night I came across this awful PosTVac MANUAL VACUUM THERAPY PUMP infomercial and I couldn’t believe that something like this was being sold on late night TV for everyone to see, and to top it all off it was just another “As seen on TV” scam.

PosTVac makes claims of Gentle Suction that’s Full Firm and Long Lasting, and it’s sold at This scam is also involved in medicare fraud, so beware because this cheap vacuum could cost you more than just money.

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OWN all Oprah all the time.

The Oprah Winfrey Network, at first it was all Oprah shows all the time, then the ratings dropped, now they are actually providing some good shows like Police Women of Maricopa County, 48 Hours, and others. Only problem is no matter what’s playing on this channel the Oprah commercials run 24/7, now viewers can’t stand watching all Oprah commercials all the time.

The constant Oprah commercials just makes it annoying enough to have to turn the channel. This channel use to provide great entertainment when it was Discovery, now its just another Oprah commercial.