Don’t be blinded by EZ Eyes!

EZ Eyes Keyboard is no miracle keyboard it’s just another TV scam! Their website makes it seem like you get a keyboard and a mouse for $14.95 plus $7.95 for shipping and handling; plus get a second set for just processing and handling, but before you even get a total your order goes through for $101.60.

There is no way to email the company, and when you try to contact customer service by phone to cancel the order your told that the data has yet to be “down loaded” and to call back tomorrow. They boast that this keyboard is as nice as others that cost $60 or more, when in reality the EZ Eyes Keyboard will cost you over a $100.00.

They have this same keyboard at Walmart for $9.98,without all the hidden costs. Don’t be blinded by EZ’s double offer scam your better off struggling to see.

Should have not gone to

So many people have fallen for this little jingle, but is a scam and there is nothing free about your credit report there. Consumers have been signed up for a service called CIC Triple Advantage, which is a credit monitoring service that charges $14.95 a month to your credit card, and makes it almost impossible to cancel the service once you notice the charges on your card.

The FCC is aware that millions are getting scammed on this one, but have continued to let this company run and update there false advertising jingles but now with a short notice about the service at the end.

If you need a free credit report check out the link below to make sure its actually a free report.

The Federal Trade Commission

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