Verizon: Dropped the fee

Update Happy New Year:

verizonwireless has dropped their plans for a fee, in just one day there was enough backlash that verizonwireless had no choice but to reconsider their plans for this fee. Congratulations Consumers!

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I have been a long time customer of verizonwireless and was not surprised to hear that they now want to collect $2 just for giving you the convenience of paying their bill. They continue to act like their the only service in town, they overcharge their customers and then when they don’t/can’t pay by the due date their wonderful financial department threaten with shutoff and contract fees.

We should charge verizonwireless $2 every month for being stuck in their yearly contracts and overcharged on a monthly basis.

Everyone please

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Paypal is no pal

This is a sore subject, Paypal places “temporary holds” on any refund received, even when the funds from that purchase/refund are being collected from the bank account of the Paypal account holder.

Why the hold? The buyer purchases something and an instant payment is sent to the seller, if the seller, like in my situation, sends an instant refund to PaypalPaypal then places the funds from that refund on hold until Paypal claims they have been received by them. Some people say they have waited as long as 4-7 days other as long as 7-14 days without explanation from Paypal.

If you think Paypal is a great way to shop online your wrong! If you purchase something and there’s an issue with that purchase, and a refund is given to Paypal, they will still charge your account and then place your own funds on hold until they decide to release them.

Here’s a Paypal Alternative:


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