Sow Your Seed for $273

Rock Wealth and Dr. Todd Coontz are part of this religion infomercial scam.

Dr. Todd Coontz portrays himself as a Minister of God, claiming god is talking to him about the people watching his cheap late night infomercial, and that God has told him that these viewers need to call in now and plant their $273 Breakthrough Seed, or they will not receive any wealth or recovery from their debt. Look at the browser tab folks that Breakthrough Seed clearly says “Give a Donation”.

Then there’s the Favor 70 Seed for $1,000 you will get God’s Unstoppable attention, and last but not least the inexpensive Battle Seed  for $130 God will fight for you, but could leave you cold, lonely, broke, poor and beaten down.

Some have said soon after they sent their seed money in the Rock Wealth ministry called to inform them that they didn’t provide the money in the proper time frame that god created for that seed and therefore the seed has not been planted. I think the only real seed here is the criminal one.

More Supernatural Debt Reduction With Todd Coontz of Rock Wealth Ministries

Pajama Jeans are Junk!

Looks Like Denim But Feels Like PJs As Seen on TV – Only $39.95!Pajama Jeans claim to have a smooth butt lifting design and are as comfortable as pajamas, you’ll want to sleep in them. Isn’t that what your suppose to be able to do in pajamas?

Consumers have complained that they bleed and fall down after some use and certainly do not look like real jeans. So don’t get caught out an about with these awful overpriced pajama jeans down around your ankles.

The MagicBullet is a dud!

When you buy the Magic Bullet, the only magical thing that happens is poof your money disappears. Knock offs have been sold in stores for as low as $19.00 but the Magic Bullet can cost as much as $160.00 or more with their buy one get one free scam.

I love how the old women comes in smoking and they all act like they are on some kind of Magic Bullet retreat, well I’m glad I wasn’t invited and forced to purchase this over priced blender. Consumers have posted many complaints that this product either stops working or needs expensive parts after minimal use. Beware.