Tag Away, won’t make it go away!

If you’ve seen this commercial and thought about buying Tag Away, consumer beware. The only thing that goes away is your money along with your personal information, and you will be left with your skin tag anyway.

There are many complaints about Tag Away giving away personal information, over charging for the product with their buy one get free scam, and the product not removing any tags. Tag Away makes claims of a 30 day money back guarantee, but then claims it takes 30 days for the product to work. So by the time you figure out this product is worthless the 30 day guarantee is gone. Good luck getting any refund, the only thing you will get is calls from other companies associated with Tag Away trying to take your money away.

Say No to NoNo

NoNo tries to sway people into purchasing an expensive hair removal product with their so-called “risk free” trial offer, without revealing the total cost. People have complained of a burning smell, and burnt skin when using this device!

Buyers say no to NoNo, this products site is untrusted so it’s risky to purchase it there, and after the free trial is up, when you call to return this worthless “risk free” product they will drop your calls. Stick to shaving with a razor on a regular basis, it’s cheaper than loosing $300 for some burnt skin.