Leroy Jenkins the False Prophet

Leroy Jenkins: Here’s another false prophet who’s all about profit, that comes to you in sheep’s clothing, and looks more like a lounge singer.

Leroy was convicted in 1979 for conspiracy, 1994 for grand theft, he was fined in 2003 for selling contaminated water, then he married a 77 year woman with dementia who won an 8.9 million dollar lottery, 2 weeks after the death of her husband, and then started to withdraw thousands of dollars from her winnings, she was later granted an anullment that was sought by her guardians.

Leroy Jenkins makes claims that he doesn’t use tricks like other false profits, yet it all sounds quite similar to me. He has openly admitted that “everyone knows that he doesn’t read or pray over all those letters”, and “that all the photos and personal information in those letters are shredded right after their received”, the only thing this guy wants or keeps is the money!

Leroy’s free “miracle water” for anointing can cost up to as much as a $100, and don’t forget to stop by Leroy’s store to spend more: http://leroyjenkins.com/store.php. Clearly he is a con just like Peter Popff Miracle Spring Water and Dr. Todd Coontz Sow Your Seed Miracle! Don’t be fooled by these, traveling evangelist, you can pray for a miracle by yourself for free and have a better chance of receiving one than giving your money to these clowns.

Read more: http://www.city-data.com/forum/christianity/238473-leroy-jenkins-ministries-your-thoughts-experience-2.html#ixzz1lJjcVslD

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Sow Your Seed for $273

Rock Wealth and Dr. Todd Coontz are part of this religion infomercial scam.

Dr. Todd Coontz portrays himself as a Minister of God, claiming god is talking to him about the people watching his cheap late night infomercial, and that God has told him that these viewers need to call in now and plant their $273 Breakthrough Seed, or they will not receive any wealth or recovery from their debt. Look at the browser tab folks that Breakthrough Seed clearly says “Give a Donation”.

Then there’s the Favor 70 Seed for $1,000 you will get God’s Unstoppable attention, and last but not least the inexpensive Battle Seed  for $130 God will fight for you, but could leave you cold, lonely, broke, poor and beaten down.

Some have said soon after they sent their seed money in the Rock Wealth ministry called to inform them that they didn’t provide the money in the proper time frame that god created for that seed and therefore the seed has not been planted. I think the only real seed here is the criminal one.

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