Verizon and the Municipal Construction Fee


New York State Verizon customers under contract for Verizon Double Play, have had there bills continue to increase even though they are under contract price, due to Verizon charging a surcharge that they claim is a Federal Tax due to VOIP, but this surcharge was denied by the PSC. Yet Verizon has continued to increase the charge to all their 2 year contract holders unfairly. This surcharge continues to rise without any notice or explanation to their customers for the increase.

Verizon claims that this is a Federal charge mandatory for VOIP customers, and is listed under the Federal Tax part of your bill, but in reality this is a Verizon surcharge not mandatory by the federal government or the PSC, it is only Verizon collecting and increasing this surcharge.

Customers who have two year contracts are shocked when suddenly out of nowwhere their bill increases with this unknown charge. When the customer contacts Verizon, they are told that this charge is out of Verizon’s control, but in reality it’s their surcharge and their way of increasing your contract price.

Explanation of Taxes, Fees

  • Verizon Surcharges and Other Charges and Credits are costs the law allows Verizon to pass on to its customers as a surcharge.
  • This surcharge Verizon claims is to recover a portion of the expenses Verizon incurs for the relocation of its facilities that are in the public rights-of-way to prevent interference with streetrepairs, public construction projects or other activities required for public health, safety or

VZ upgrade it’s not just a $30 fee.

Verizon Wireless is cheating their long time customers with the free phone two year contract upgrade.

First there’s the $30 upgrade fee, for what we don’t know, then if you have an unlimited data plan, say bye bye, now you have the pricey $30 2GB plan, and if there was any discount on that data plan that’s gone too. Next when they bill you they pull that discount partial month double charge this month billing, which doesn’t make any sense especially when customers have said that their plan didn’t change, they only upgraded the phone on the same plan so what happen to their bill.

If doesn’t end there, there’s charges on your next bill because after the data plan switch that they pull, they are now billing for previous month data again claiming overage because of the unlimited plan refund! Then there’s the SMS premium text messages and downloads, that their charging a whopping $9.00 to $15.00 a piece for, really? Some customers have also complained about charges for international text messages and roaming, while only being in the US.

When you contest the bill, sometimes you might get a pleasant customer service representative, but most of the time especially when your late on your payment, they can be rude nasty and unhelpful. Clearly the only way to get anything resolved with this company is to be demanding and stand your ground, email the corporate CEO and tell him Verizon Wireless isn’t the only game in town and were sick of being ripped off by our cell phone carrier.

Verizon Corporate Office Headquarters:
140 West Street
New York, NY 10007
Corporate Phone Number: 1-212-395-1000
Corporate Fax Number: 1-212-571-1897
Corporate CEO Email:
Corporate Stock Symbol: VZ

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