AES the Student Loan Shark

AES (American Education Services) misleads students and parents, with their Student Loan repayment options. They stick parents with their dependents student loan by way of the Parent Plus Loan. AES makes claims of in school deferments, but after 6 months they start billing the parent, that’s when the parent finds out that they have to be the one in school for an in school deferment, or they have to start paying the loan back, which makes no sense even to the U.S. Department of Education.

The representatives are rude, nasty and refuse to help or assist the borrower. Their fees and interest rates are outrageous, they are known for harassing family members and co-signers, as well as taking borrowers tax refunds, and placing income executions for 15% of the borrowers weekly salary on their employers, without the proper 30 day notice to execute to borrower, and for almost double the original loan amount.

AES will try to force you into signing an electronic debit form for automatic payments, just like the payday loan scammers, whatever you do don’t give them that kind of information or access to your bank account. If you’ve been harassed by these evil loan sharks, using the US Federal Government backing to collect money, don’t be bullied, write the CEO Andres Gluski and threaten to file suit in US Federal Court to get that income execution extinguished, or that tax refund returned. Never apply or co-sign for a private education loan.

Student Loan Forgiveness Act 2012

The AES Corporation

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